CAEvolution GmbH

Straße / Nr.:
Osterwaldstraße 77
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80805 München
+49 (0) 89 361 09 516
+49 (0) 89 361 09 517


CAEvolution means Corporate Access Economy – Rather than planning a company's activity on the premise of acquiring and owning more private property, our new generation of CAE-services focuses on having seamless access to excellent goods and outstanding services, thus being embedded in a network of experienced partners in a multilayer process and value chain.


CAEvolution business description: Professional Management Services and customized coaching to enhance individual development and help organizations evolving their business acumen, their strategies and resources in order to shape their operations and organization to achieve successful and sustainable results. Our customized solutions for career development are based on three core themes:  Technology and Innovation, PeoplEvolution and OfficEvolution – explore new ways to lift your individual potential in Executive and Team coaching, intercultural competencies, Strategy and Decision making and resilient Performance Management


CAEvolution‘s scope of work:

·       Management Consulting

·       Interim Management

·       Project Management (i.e.infrastructuralmanagement/facilities, EU funded projects focusing on technology, innovation and sustainability, etc)

·       Market Studies

·       ProcessOptimization

·       Adaptive Communication



CAEvolution‘s key capabilities:

·       Flexibility and Agility

·       Analytical Skills

·       Customer Focus

·       Results-Orientation

·       Emotional Intelligence

·       Excellent Network